Would You Like Some Boiled Water in China?

04 May 2013

Yes, you would unless you want to get dehydrated. That`s your only option if you are having a dinner at a local place in Beijing. Well, on the alternative, you can get some warm beer. I am yet to decide which one is worse. I will usually have 4-5 glasses of water per dinner (yes, I am very fond of my water) but in China, I can barely finish a glass since it takes an entire dinner period for the boiled water to cool down to a drinkable temperature. What is with the phenomenon of boiled water in China? There are many alternative theories, one suggests that warm water is good for your digestion system whereas another theory links the whole concept to the need to clean up the water before drinking. It was even an issue for me who does not even like cold water but I can’t imagine how the Americans cope with this as they sure love their water with plenty of ice!

Boiled Water in China
Beijing – China

So I made it to Beijing safely, haven`t touched a chicken yet and I am healthy as a horse. I am having a fabulous time as it is a shocking, moving and a very dynamic country. I will for now just post few photos and you can check out this site if you are as curious about the “boiling water” issue as me. Looks like they are yet to decide why they are doing it.