Going Up North, Way Up North

14 Aug 2014

Not that I have so much to say and share but we last talked when I got back from Kenya when we were nearly on the Equator line (from its South Side). I now thought we should touch base as I am about to move up to 78 degrees North this time. I say I am about to move as I took a short break at 68 degrees up in my beloved Lofoten Islands. I was here in 2009 and I am now back again in 2014, I guess that is what you call one lucky life (at least for me). Tomorrow morning I leave for Svalbard where the number of polar bears isĀ greater than the number of people. If you do not know me much, you may think I am a crazy animal lover but I am really not (I will turn my head and walk away when I see a cat) but that is life, my love of nature requires me to get to meet these animals and I have no regret as one needs to be extremely uncautious to get hurt as a result of these encounters. In Svalbard, if you ever plan to walk on your own, you are required to take a riffle with you so that a polar bear does not kill you. I have no intention of walking alone – not that I don`t know how to use a riffle but I thought it would be nicer to join organised tours.

Boat ride in Lofoten Islands.

I am sure some people think I am still on my sabbatical break – I am really not. Trust me when I say I am not. That one lucky operator up in Svalbard is about to experience the Worlds best roaming gain as this job of mine loves the conference calls.