#travelnotes – 21 Jul 2017

20 July 2017 – It has been so long since I have been on a road trip in my own country. We drive for about 11 hours from Kaş to İstanbul. The weather is quite moody making the countryside look beautiful under moving clouds – one of those trips that you spend glued to the car window. I mostly shoot with my Fuji 56 mm lens as it is my fastest one.

#travelnotes – 20 Apr 2017

20 April 2017 – Do you know what a Songline is? It came up as part of my pre-trip reading before my upcoming trip to Australia. Let’s read Bruce Chatwin’s description used in his book titled – well – “the Songlines” – “Each totemic ancestor, while traveling through the country, was thought to have scattered a trail of words and musical notes along the line of his footprints. The whole of Australia could be read as a musical score. There was hardly a rock or creek in the country that could not, or had not been sung.” Well, it sounds like some sort of a singing map? I will tell you more when I finish this amazing book by Chatwin.

#travelnotes – 13 Apr 2017

13 April 2017 – Thursdays are free admission days at Istanbul Modern Art Museum and I made a use of it today. Most of my time in the museum was spent taking photos and also seeing Roger Ballen: Retrospective, which was luckily hosted down at the much less crowded basement floor. His work (“unsettling portraits” as called in one of the reviews) reminded me of Diana Arbus but I just read that the attempt to establish a link between Roger Ballen and Diane Arbus is just an easy approach. The exhibit will be open until 4 June 2017.

#travelnotes – 09 Apr 2017

9 April 2017 – Today was mostly spent at home doing some research on my relatively new Fuji equipment (I also “partially” became a mirrorless user in March 2016 by purchasing Fuji X-Pro 2) and trying to decide whether I should be courageous enough to only take Fuji with me when I travel to Australia and New Zealand next month. I think Fuji X-Pro 2 is a fantastic camera but it still feels new to me whereas my Canon fits like a glove in my hands. I on the other hand can no longer keep up with the weight of my beloved Canon equipment. I think I will only shoot with Fuji this month and try to get more comfortable with it so I can maybe leave Canon at home next month.

#travelnotes – 23 Mar 2017

21 March 2017 – I sure wish that our city was as flat as NYC so that our main way of transportation would be to use our own legs. Istanbul is however not the most walking friendly city. One of the rare places where you can walk for hours without getting tired on flat ground is Bagdat Street in the Asian Side and the Shore Drive. I had today visited my friends in the morning at their Asian side home and then walked for hours on Bagdat Street. On the way back, I took the ferry to the European side and despite the fog, we had accompanied by the birds all the way through.

#travelnotes – 17 Mar 2017

16 March 2017 – I today took the short Levent – Nispetiye subway line to visit my cousin. Pretty cool lighting along the corridors but a little too short to get a cool perspective. Out of all the subways that I have seen, Moscow and Munich were my favourite ones. Stockholm is also known with its cool subway art but had not time to include those lines in my itinerary during my visits.

#travelnotes – 17 Mar 2017

13 March 2017 – I this morning walked down to Eminonu (located right at the foot steps of the historical peninsula in Istanbul) to check out a new photography backpack that I saw online. I like the walk from my home to Eminonu as the walk covers the liveliest parts of Istanbul and rewards you with views like the above one. It was a partially raining morning and the fisherman whom you can at any time of the day spot fishing over Galata Bridge (which connnects Karakoy to Eminonu and is open both to cars and pedestrians) was making a pretty cool fashion statement.