Once Upon a Time in Russia

18 Oct 2013

Good morning from a rainy Istanbul day,

I like the rain as it justifies nesting at home – something I missed doing so much for the past year. Not something you get to do while traveling or working – my latest favorite. Here are some photos from my trip to Russia with my mom. Although our trip was 3.5 months ago, I was first busy traveling and then working so it took me a while to organize my Russia photos. Ukraine photos to follow.

Most people prefer Saint Petersburg over Moscow but I think Moscow makes a great destination as well. Think of Moscow as Madrid and Saint Petersburg as Barcelona (although I like Saint Petersburg way more than Barcelona) – one is classier whereas the other is livelier and consequently more touristy. I should however add that Hermitage museum is a reason alone to go to Saint Petersburg. More about Russia later as I now have some more photo organizing to do and some more of that other type of work that I do, the one that I did not do for the better part of 2013.