My Favourite Travel Movies – Part II

19 Apr 2016

And the list continues. You can check out the first part of my favourite travel movies here. #8 Lost in Translation – If you are traveling to Japan, you must watch this amazing movie directed by the equally amazing Sofia Coppola. This movie makes a great job reflecting that crazy side of Japan by also showing the solitude experienced by the outsiders in the middle of all that craziness. I love traveling to Japan for many different reasons and one of the reasons is to experience the loneliness you feel even when you are surrounded by such loudness – talking about you Tokyo! It is also by many considered one of the best love stories of all times. I concur with that.

Travel Movies
Lost in Translation – this is as good as the concept of “travel movies” gets

#9 Tracks – The movie is based on the true story of Robyn Davidson who took a solo track across the Australian outback in 1977. Pretty amazing views and a lot of solitude – more than one can take. #10 Cairo Time – Beautiful views of Cairo, Egypt.  A classic travel story focused on expats and their interactions with the local people living in an (authentic!) Middle Eastern city. #11 Wild – Reese Whiterspoon is lovely in this movie depicting the true story of Cheryl Strayed who solo trekked from Mexico border up to the Canadian border of the United States (Pacific Crest Trail). This movie based on a book gives you an incredible urge to walk: I walked to work for the entire week following this movie – it was sure a much less attractive walk taking around 1 h 10 minutes and taking you through the busiest and loudest parts of Istanbul.

Travel Movies

#12 Away We Go – Story of a couple traveling through North America to find the ideal city to raise their yet to be born child. Montreal looked quite attractive to me. #13 Perfect Mothers – A controversial movie based on a short novel of Doris Lessing which will definitely make you want to jump on a plane and travel to the Australian coast, beautiful houses and such beautiful landscape views.

This is the travel movie which will actually make you travel all through North America

#14 Little Miss Sunshine – I remember watching this movie in the small town of Perugia located in Umbria region of Italy. Such a heart warming road movie with great acting by all and amazing soundtrack by Devotchka. #15 Thelma and Louise – Such a classic. I can watch the scene where the Ballad of Lucy Jordan by Marianne Faithfull plays every single day. You can also check out the first part of favourite travel movies.

Travel Movies
One of the best road trips and best travel movies