• Location: Lofoten Islands - Norway
  • Trip Dates: 8 - 19 February 2017
  • Day: 15 February 2017
  • #Day8

I sure love this cabin. I feel extremely excited waking up here even though the sun does not show up until late into 8am. I today took an hour long boat ride along the Reine fjords and I was the only passenger other than the crew. On our way out, I chose to locate myself in front of the boat and it was extremely cold and wet (I got entirely wet) but the feeling of it and the views were worth it.

Views from the boat ride

I came back to my cabin for lunch after the boat ride. I hanged around a little too long but was rewarded with some amazing colours at around sunset time. The second time that I saw sunshine during this visit to Lofoten. In the evening, I caught up with my blog writing and also benefited from the wider movie range that Netflix offers in Norway (compared to Turkey) and watched Taxi Driver (yes for the first time in my life) – what a magical use of lighting and what a great movie!

Sunset view from Eliassen