• Location: Istanbul - Turkey
  • Trip Dates:
  • Day: 15 May 2018
  • #Day1

Social Media Diet: Why?

Today is the first day of my social media diet that I intend to stick with for at least a month. I outlined my reasons behind my social media diet on my instagram feed yesterday and to summarize it, I can just say that social media was making me feel quite unhappy lately whereas my blog and the energy/work I put in there have always had the opposite positive effect on me. So I decided to switch gears for at least a month and focus more on my blog and hopefully other useful things (yes – reading) and see how being on a social media diet makes me feel and also how it effects my blog. I was so tired of waking up first thing in the morning and wasting those otherwise good quality minutes scrolling through instagram feeds and jumping from one account to other. I also want to put some distance between myself and my phone and I will therefore also focus to do all my blog work and online reading using my desktop as opposed to my phone, which I only intend to use during this period as a phone! I will try to keep a diary of my days free of social media here summarizing how I spent the day, if I have been facing any withdrawal symptoms and I will also share an excerpt from and a link to an old post on a daily basis (and will use the opportunity to update/clean up that earlier post). The intention of this diet is not to stop blogging but on the opposite – to spend more time for my actual blog than I do for my social media accounts. If I have anything to say or a travel note/photo to share, I will use my blog to do that as opposed to various social media channels. It is a lot more fun to that on my own blog as I have control of various design elements and limited number of people checking out my blog to read those actually care about the relevant content and are not part of some automated social media like/RT frenzy (I was!). So this is not from one of those online diets (which I hope I can also try out someday) but is a strictly social media and to some extent phone diet.

What Are the Rules?

#1 No Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or Pinterest – no Youtube as well but I need to note that I never really used that one so not a big sacrifice #2 Any web/writing related work will be done on my desktop or laptop or using an actual pen and paper but not using my phone #3 No reading on my phone – although there are many useful articles online, I don’t necessarily need to use my phone to read those. So reading a book will replace looking at my phone when I am waiting for someone/something or using public transportation #4 No cheating.

What Did I Do On My First Day?

#1 Electronic cleaning this first day was mostly spent on cleaning my computer and taking care of an essential task that I had delayed for so long – multiplying the devices where I store the RAW versions of my photos // #2 Reading – I also went through some of the unread books in my library and tried to pick few ones that would quickly get me back in the World of extensive reading. You are probably familiar with the feeling that once  you manage to get engaged in one book (which has been very difficult for me lately), there is a good chance that your reading habits will take off again from there and you will be going from one book to the other. So it feels pretty important for me to pick that one book which will get you started. For me – that ice breaker book was until now usually Haruki Murakami but now that I have read all his books, I this time picked “the Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories” by Yasunari Kawabata – the first Nobel Laureate of Japan whom I started reading during my latest trip to Japan. I will let you know how it goes and if it worked as an ice breaker // #3 Listening – I listened to the latest episode of Hurry Slowly Podcast by Jocelyn K. Glei where she talks about the Feedback Rush. She notes the importance of not holding it back if you have something nice to say about someones work.

Any Withdrawal Symptoms?

In terms of how the diet went, even though I read on many blogs that it is common to face withdrawal symptoms on the first few days, I did not really feel the urge to check instagram, twitter or facebook (which had already lost its addictive effect on me a while ago).  It may be a sign that I was really fed up with it and saw it as more of a work associated with my blog rather than an entertainment tool. It is however to early to say. I also had a moment of confusion on what I actually meant by social media – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were sure covered by the term but how about Flickr, Pinterest – can I listen to Podcasts? I decided that I should let go of Flickr and Pinterest as there is still some interaction element there even though not as apparent as on the other three usual suspects but Podcasts are safe since there are no RT or likes elements involved and you are just a listener.

Post of the Day

“There had been many moments in New Zealand when I thought life could not get any better than what that moment had to offer. I however cannot forget this one very special moment when I walked out of the restaurant at night and looked up at the sky just to see thousands of stars lined up there. There is probably no country I will ever love more than Norway (other than my home obviously) but the star gazing experience in Mt. Cook was definitely way more moving for me than the Northern Lights that I got see this past winter in Tromso, Norway. The area including Mt. Cook National Park, home to the tallest peak in New Zealand, is part of the Dark Sky Reserve, thus a very ideal location for star gazing. I was also very lucky weather-wise (definitely much luckier compared to my trip to Lofoten Islands this winter). The weather was perfect for hiking during the daylight and star gazing at night. The full version of my Australia-New Zealand post.”


Te Anau Milford Sound
Social Media Diet – Day 1 -Photo 1: Te Anau, New Zealand – photo taken in May 2018