• Location: Australia - New Zealand
  • Trip Dates: 7 May - 26 May 2017
  • Day: 10 May 2015
  • #Day4

It is almost already 9 am when I finally get out of my room. All the coffee shops are luckily open by now. I am heading to the famous Patricia Coffee Shop, which is a mere 10 minutes walking distance from my hotel. I at first do not realise that I`m already standing right in front of the shop. The address points out to this alley full of lawyerly looking people and I assume that it is just a dedicated smoking spot of a law firm. It takes me a while to understand that all those lawyerly looking people are actually in line to get a coffee from Patricia! A line in front of a coffee shop? I am unfortunately not patient enough to wait in line for my morning coffee. I quickly check out the place, get slightly intimated by the seriousness of baristas and snap few quick shots. I start walking again looking for a less popular coffee shop until I see Little Avenue – which has the most amazing morning lighting. I sit at the bar, order a large cup of coffee and start observing the people of Melbourne in the morning. They look to be so relaxed – they do not seem to carry any of that anger and stress which is otherwise very common in big cities, especially in Istanbul.

Streets of Melbourne

It is now almost noon and I realise that I did not get any breakfast. It is a pretty usual behaviour for me when I get very excited during my travels. There is now a line in front of almost all lunch places as it is a lunch hour for the businesses around. It is almost 1.30 pm when I find a bar seat at Betty`s Burger, which also has delicious bunless burgers – highly recommended.

State Library of Victoria

I spend the afternoon touring the north part of Melbourne, which also hosts some graffiti streets, even though not as big as the famous Hosier Lane. I also make another stop at my already favourite Melbourne building – the National Library of Victoria. I make it an early night as I am off to New Zealand early tomorrow and I hope to be back to this beautiful city sometime soon.