• Location: Lofoten Islands - Norway
  • Trip Dates: 8-19 February 2017
  • Day: 14 February 2017
  • #Day7

When I woke up today, the storm was already gone. After a walk around Hamnoy and benefiting from the blue hour that lasted between 7.45 am – 8.45 am, I finally crossed that bridge and walked to the grocery store. The place that I am staying in has a kitchenette and all the utensils that you need to cook your own food. Although I don`t really know how to cook anything, I have been cooking my own dinner here (composed of a salmon on top of a salad – lunch and dinner!) since dining out is so expensive here in Norway (just a simple dinner in a restaurant with a glass of wine will cost you around USD 60-70 and even more in most cases).

Morning in Hamnoy

Today was mostly spent walking around – checking out the fish drying racks and watching the fisherman hanging the fish on the racks. There was no rain today and we occasionally had some good lighting for some photography.

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