• Location: Istanbul - Turkey
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  • Day: 17 May 2018
  • #day3

Ramblings on Social Media: My Guilt Trip Through the Online World

Back in the day, I would feel pretty guilty if I caught myself looking at webpages when I was supposed to be doing something else on the web or on my computer – well yes like working. However, over the last few years, I almost but almost came to a stage when I felt proud of myself when reading something on the web instead of scrolling endlessly through Instagram or Twitter. And between these two, Instagram always made me feel worse as I have always felt there was so little effort put into the time spent on Instagram whereas Twitter was at least full of wittier tweets and potential leads for further reading/discovery. Now that those two are temporarily gone from my life, the guilt attached to reading something on the web as opposed to doing something more productive started to re-emerge. I will be curious to find out whether it will also become something to get on a diet for once I am done with the social media one. If that happens, I will then know how people progress to the stage of a full-on online diet and not just social media one.

What Did I Do With My Re-Gained Time?

#1 My Website – My website needs some design updates due to the many new sections, which have been added since it was launched in December 2016. I am lucky to be working with amazing web designer Thomas Dean and I think we made a good progress today in terms of the scope and content of the new updates and we are ready to kick off the update process // #2 Reading I now finished “the Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories” by Yasunari Kawabata and I am now pretty hooked on his writing – a stage that I did not reach when I read his two novels. His life is full of tragedies (just like the ending of it) and he is not shy of underlining it but at the same he manages to put those events into very interesting perspectives. I have not yet decided what to read next but this one month may also be used to finish the books that I collected at used book stores during my recent visit to USA // #3 Web Reading – a photo story about elderly women prisoners in Japan who purposely commit petty crimes to get into prison and avoid loneliness – “Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women

Any Withdrawal Symptoms?

So I foolishly logged on to some websites through my Facebook account (something which is not recommended for security purposes but was too tempting at the time to avoid the subscription stage) before and today I realized that I obviously need to login through my Facebook again in order to access those sites. I however promise you that I closed my eyes when my feed opened and did not look at any of the notifications. I have not missed any of my social feeds today.

Diary of Day 2

Post of the Day

“As we drive around the island, I quickly reach a mental state which is very common for me if I am thrilled about a place. At every single stop we make, I am absolutely sure that we are now at my favorite place on the island. The amazement starts right away with a visit to the ocean side shrine and continues with numerous waterfalls we visit during the day. So Ohko Waterfall is my ultimate favorite in Yakushima until I see Senpiro Waterfall, which loses its title as soon as I lay my eyes on Toroki Waterfall. Looking back at the day now, I think the ocean side shrine was my true favorite along with Tokori Waterfall, which is the only waterfall joining the ocean in Japan. The ocean side shrine and the surrounding scenery remind me of the scenes from the latest Scorsese movie “Silence” telling the story of Jesuits in Japan (which is to my surprise filmed in Taiwan and not in Japan).” For more: Yakushima: The Land of Safe Walks and Gentler Way of Life

Walking in Yakusugiland in Yakushima - the density of plant and tree population was quite high making me feel like swimming my way through the trees, such a great feeling
Walking in Yakusugiland in Yakushima – the density of plant and tree population was quite high making me feel like swimming my way through the trees, such a great feeling