Ace Hotel New Orleans

Even though I have already been to New Orleans, I think it was clearly Ace Hotel New Orleans which prompted me to take another trip to probably the most interesting city in the USA. I remember regularly checking the room prices at Ace New Orleans even when I had no USA trip on sight. Four years went by since my first visit to New Orleans and two years since the opening of Ace Hotel New Orleans when I finally got the chance to stay in this hotel by making some budgetary sacrifices. It was all worth it in the end.

I love Ace Hotels

I am generally a fan of Ace Hotels and Ace Hotel New Orleans is now my favorite Ace Hotel so far. I loved it even more than their Portland property which is a great reflection of what Portland or better to say what Portlandia is all about (I also got the chance to stay in Ace Hotel London couple of times. Even though the hotel was great, it is condemned to be at the end of the list for me as it was all for business visits to the city that I could never get myself to love).  Ace Hotel New Orleans is located on what was formerly called “american side” of New Orleans. It greets you with a small reception area opening to a very airy and big restaurant/bar area on the left and to a lobby bar on the right. There was a DJ performance during every single night that I spent in the hotel (do not worry, the rooms are fully isolated against the party sounds.)

Even though French Quarter is considered to be the beating heart of New Orleans, if you also prefer to spend the night in a less busy area, you may enjoy Ace Hotel`s location in CBD. You will in any case be able to reach French Quarter in 10 minutes on foot.

Ace Hotel New Orleans: inspired by the Shining?

While I could never get this confirmed, I remember hearing that the design of Ace Hotels is inspired by the famous Stanley Kubrick movie Shining. The lighting used in this hotel as well as the design of its restaurant definitely reminded me of Shining. Do not get scarred though, there is always some action going on in this wonderful hotel and you do not feel the slightest bit of the feeling of isolation explored in the movie Shining.

Accommodation prices in New Orleans are usually quite high thank to its status as one of the most popular tourist destinations in USA. Ace Hotel is no exception to this. You can however still come across good deals and get a room, which is large enough to accommodate four people for about USD 250. Ace Hotel New Orleans is definitely one of those hotels where I would want to live in for months (my biggest travel fantasy – turning a hotel room into a temporary home).