Fall Outings

Aoni Onsen in Aomori, Autumn Wonderland

Nov 2020

If it was not for the promise of surrounding fall colors and an onsen only lit up with oil lamps, I would not find my way to the wonderful Aoni Onsen in Aomori and finally connect with the onsen experience. Aoni Onsen was like a scene from one of the novels of Tanazaki with its very traditional feel with each guest perfectly playing the part.

Lake Towada and Oirase Stream: an Autumn Trip

Oct 2020

Visiting Lake Towada has been on my list for some time as a fall outing but it was not until this year that I found the opportunity by timing it relatively right. I traveled to Lake Towada Area and Oirase Stream, one of the most famous spots for fall foliage in Tohoku and in Japan in general, on October 25th based on the forecasts and the average peak color times in the previous years. The colors were almost at their peak color when I was in the area and I was probably only few days earlier than the optimum time.



 I spent ten days in Kanazawa in late November 2018, amazed with the fall colors and the classiness of the city. You can read my travel notes and tips here.



Photos from my three, luckily long, trips to Yakushima. One of the most rewarding nature destinations in Japan.

Fall Photo Galleries

Fall in Tokyo


Foliage photos from one of the most underrated fall destinations in Japan – Tokyo.

Fall in Tohoku


Trying to post more regularly on instagram from recent fall outings in Japan – https://instagram.com/bizarrejourneys.

Autumn in Nikko


Nikko Wide Area Pass is an exceptionally advantageous rail and pass bus available to foreign residents of Japan.