Back from Okinawa where I sacrificed a six years old laptop to a heavy rain. Tokashiki Island is one of the most laid-back places that I have ever been to in Japan and not in a cheesy manner built on some vague “embrace the life” motto but on a gentle pace for life coupled with some of the most genuine smiles that I have ever seen in Japan.

Summer in Tokyo means hanabi – fireworks in other words. As if there is an agreement with the sky, it rains it rains and then on the day of the hanabi event and even just few hours before it, the rain ends.

Early morning stroll in Ueno Park enjoying the lotus season. Japan first makes you a flower person and then slowly turns you into macro photography. It does not matter if you used to think that macro photography was the least creative form of photography. It is the best way to get closer to these natural beauties and first understand and then appreciate them even better.

I sometimes hear questions about central Hokkaido in winter and whether it is worth a trip. I would say go for it particularly if you are into winter landscape photography – one of the finest winter landscapes that I ever got to experience where solitude is warmly embraced by white beauty.

One of the finest visual memories of my two months long trip to Thailand last year. The entrance of a bat cave – two very kind frenchman looking like they are the guards of the cave. Constantly raining outside and me thinking that the nature does not get any better.

I biked the Shimanami Kaido trail at the end of May when there was no rain and the weather was still cool enough to ride 80kms in one day. I have such memories of the trip including my two nights stay in lovely Sashima Island and Shiomi Guesthouse. Highly recommended trip for bikes of all degree. I feel like I am getting more used using my website everyday instead of social media. It feels like I am shooting out to the empty sky but I still like it.

Moody sky memory from late May. This is Shibamata Station – 5mn walk to my house and it sure makes my life very easy. There is also a 24hours open full fledge grocery store located right on the first floor of the station. It is located right in the middle of the line, which takes you from Narita to Haneda. I think I started sounding like a real estate agent.

Rainy season in Tokyo is indeed very rainy. Never seen a rain as persistent as Japanese rain in June and to my surprise also in July. I think I am ready for the rainy season to be over not only because the rain during these months is not as atmospheric of the spring or fall rain but also the sunshine looks really good on Tokyo and its beautiful parks. This is Mizumoto Park near my house.

Try to ride at least once in the last wagon of a train or metro in Japan. It is so much fun to watch the conductors and feel like you are in some sort of a science fiction movie. As an additional note, transportation in Tokyo is mind blowingly good and incredibly well connected not only in terms of the routes but the fee charing system that they have in place. There are so many different operators within Tokyo but as a user, you are not exposed to any complexities attached to it.