Moody sky memory from late May. This is Shibamata Station – 5mn walk to my house and it sure makes my life very easy. There is also a 24hours open full fledge grocery store located right on the first floor of the station. It is located right in the middle of the line, which takes you from Narita to Haneda. I think I started sounding like a real estate agent.

Rainy season in Tokyo is indeed very rainy. Never seen a rain as persistent as Japanese rain in June and to my surprise also in July. I think I am ready for the rainy season to be over not only because the rain during these months is not as atmospheric of the spring or fall rain but also the sunshine looks really good on Tokyo and its beautiful parks. This is Mizumoto Park near my house.

Try to ride at least once in the last wagon of a train or metro in Japan. It is so much fun to watch the conductors and feel like you are in some sort of a science fiction movie. As an additional note, transportation in Tokyo is mind blowingly good and incredibly well connected not only in terms of the routes but the fee charing system that they have in place. There are so many different operators within Tokyo but as a user, you are not exposed to any complexities attached to it.

As much as I like riding my bike by Edo River in Katsushika, I also like watching the other riders from the lower ground. It reminds me of the famous scene from the movie E.T. They look like they are riding right into the clouds.

Tokyo evening bikers – always hard to understand if they are commuting between work and home or if it is a fitness ride. Looks cool both ways. It is amazing to observe how in of the largest metropoles in the World, if not the largest – biking is among the primary ways of commute and most of the cars you see on the streets are taxis as opposed to personal cars. I have been using my bike a lot as well for the groceries or for leisure rides but the downtown is unfortunately too far off for bike to be my daily commute vehicle, it would take me around two hours one way to ride to my school.

Happy Eid with a photo from Istanbul. May these beautiful places of worship bring us the feeling of serenity and not fear, oppression and prejudice.

Very happy to hear that nearly 350 people stranded at number of trailheads in Yakushima due to a remarkably heavy rainfall have been rescued. Beautiful island, amazing residents and super great guides. I hope the trails on the island will soon be open for the enjoyment of fellow hikers.

A lunch memory from the first week at my new place in Katsushika – Tokyo. It is always nicer to come across sakura at unassuming places rather than the usual spots such as Ueno Park.

Soon en route to Scottish Highlands for a winter trip. I have been there once in the summer and like it but did not fall in love with it. It usually takes for me a winter trip to fall in love with any place if it is meant to be.