Tokyo evening bikers – always hard to understand if they are commuting between work and home or if it is a fitness ride. Looks cool both ways. It is amazing to observe how in of the largest metropoles in the World, if not the largest – biking is among the primary ways of commute and most of the cars you see on the streets are taxis as opposed to personal cars. I have been using my bike a lot as well for the groceries or for leisure rides but the downtown is unfortunately too far off for bike to be my daily commute vehicle, it would take me around two hours one way to ride to my school.

Happy Eid with a photo from Istanbul. May these beautiful places of worship bring us the feeling of serenity and not fear, oppression and prejudice.

Very happy to hear that nearly 350 people stranded at number of trailheads in Yakushima due to a remarkably heavy rainfall have been rescued. Beautiful island, amazing residents and super great guides. I hope the trails on the island will soon be open for the enjoyment of fellow hikers.

A lunch memory from the first week at my new place in Katsushika – Tokyo. It is always nicer to come across sakura at unassuming places rather than the usual spots such as Ueno Park.

Soon en route to Scottish Highlands for a winter trip. I have been there once in the summer and like it but did not fall in love with it. It usually takes for me a winter trip to fall in love with any place if it is meant to be. 

As the year ends. I realize that I spent only two months in Istanbul this year. It is a little sad how little I miss it when I am away. I miss home, people, food but never specifically Istanbul. I wish we took better care of this one of the historically most amazing cities in the World and made a modern urban place out of it as opposed to the current mess it is. 

My cameras battery died suddenly because of below 0 temperature so I had to rely on my phone. Not a fan of Seoul in just one day but I hear it takes a lot more time. This is a quick shot from a bridge crossing.

I am sipping my coffee at 6am in Tokyo trying to finish some work before getting to Narita Airport for a quick trip to Seoul, South Korea. I am interested in observing the vibe of the recent wonder kid of Asia but it will be a very short trip (will get back to Tokyo for a final week before my flight to Istanbul) as I am not sure how I can survive under -10C weather with all the not so warm clothes I have with me. Yesterday was a good day in Tokyo, ran some errands but did it all by walking so I got to walk through number of parks and quite streets. I will soon report from South Korea. It is strange why my hands start typing North first whenever I need to type South Korea.

I`m in Tokyo for the weekend. I am this time (will be back for another week on the 12th before heading back to Istanbul) determined to get to better know this city. I will devote each day for a walk to different neighborhood – this one is a scene from Ueno today. A nice day, a nice weather and good walk.