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Kerama Blue: Tokashiki and Zamami Islands in Okinawa

Mar 2020

I can safely call the tiny island of Tokashiki as my happy place in Japan. When I say "tiny", I mean really tiny. You can walk between its main two centers, namely Aharen Beach and Tokashiki Beach in an hour.

Autumn in Japan: Aoni Onsen in Aomori

Nov 2020

If it was not for the promise of surrounding fall colors and an onsen only lit up with oil lamps, I would not find my way to the wonderful Aoni Onsen in Aomori and finally connect with the onsen experience. Aoni Onsen was like a scene from one of the novels of Tanazaki with its very traditional feel with each guest perfectly playing the part.

Yakushima: Beautiful Hikes, Gentler Life

Apr 2018

Planning a trip to Yakushima is very easy thanks to the abundance of the high quality websites focusing on the island and its hiking trails. Even a quick browse through those various sites is sufficient to ensure you that Yakushima is the right choice as the sense of attachment the page owners feel to this mystical island jumps out of almost every page of their websites.

Tokyo and Beyond

Lotus flower in bloom in Mizumoto Park in Tokyo
  • Jul 2019 Lotus Season in Tokyo

    Lotus Season in Tokyo Lotus season in Tokyo usually occurs between mid-July and mid-August. The frequency of the full bloom […]

Taishakuten Temple Interior
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Iseji Route of Kumano Kodo


The Coastal Route // I`m on my way to walk part of Iseji Route of Kumano Kodo. I reach for my camera bag a little hesitantly. Mt. Fuji is fully visible on this overcast winter day in Honshu.


Biking Shimanami Kaido


Cycling Shimanami Kaido // “Is Shimanami Kaido trail difficult for no serious bikers?”. A question that I typed on Google dozens of times in different forms before I decided to bike the trail. I now know the answer based on personal experience – “definitely not”.



Nakahechi Route of Kumano Kodo


Morning Prayer // It is 5 am in the morning. I will shortly start hearing the footsteps of the monks and their students. The preparations for the morning pray start at 5.30 am. 


Circling Yakushima


Road Walks // You may ask – why would anyone desire to spend three days hiking or better to say walking in Yakushima on the road having to watch out for cars when some of the most intriguing hiking trails in the World are almost as readily available with a short bus ride?


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