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  • What is Beyond Tokyo and Kyoto: My Three Favorite Cities in Japan

    20 Mar 2024

    Considering it is now almost the spring season—the perfect time for urban travels—it may be a good time to talk about "other" cities in Japan that are worth a visit and which are not Tokyo or Kyoto.

  • One Island, One Hiking Trail, One City: My Favorite Japan Destinations

    16 Feb 2024

    I am finishing the February edition of Letters from Japan at Narita Airport, waiting for a late evening flight that will take me (and my colleagues) to a place I have never been to. Honestly, our destination is a place that I was not even aware of until a few years ago: the Northern Mariana Islands (NMI).

  • Tohoku: One of Japan`s Least Explored Yet Most Rewarding Regions

    09 Feb 2024

    Tohoku, the region of Japan tucked between Hokkaido and Honshu, turned out to be everything that I dreamed it would be: beautiful nature, onsen tucked in the forests, some of the most underrated temples in Japan, and charming mid-size cities that somehow feel traditionally contemporary.

  • Dreamy Hot Springs of Japan

    07 Jan 2024

    Five minutes, well, honestly not even that much. More often just a quick dip and running out of the bath in a matter of seconds to get dressed and leave the facilities as if a mob is after me.

  • Shimanami Kaido: One of the Best Cycling Routes in Japan

    05 Dec 2021

    Shimanami Kaido is a rewarding cycling trail in Japan connecting busy Honshu to one of the countries most secluded islands.

Islands of Japan
  • Journey to Goto Islands and Beyond: a Matter of Faith or Religion?

    07 May 2022

    When I first watched the movie Silence by Martin Scorsese, the only thing that I could think of—besides the oppressing but wildly beautiful scenery—was "trample, trample, please just trample." Why would not people, the Hidden Christians of Japan, just step on the fumi-e, carved stone featuring the image of Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary, to avoid death by torture? Were these symbolic gestures linked to religion or renunciation of it more important than human life?

  • Yakushima: Land of Beautiful Hikes

    01 Apr 2021

    Planning a trip to Yakushima is very easy thanks to the abundance of the high quality websites focusing on the island and its hiking trails. Even a quick browse through those various sites is sufficient to ensure you that Yakushima is the right choice as the sense of attachment the page owners feel to this mystical island jumps out of almost every page of their websites.

  • Sadogashima Island Traverse Hike: Forests, Ridges and Strange Things

    16 Sep 2023

    Sagodashima Island traverse hike was full of surprises. Some purely pleasant and some pleasantly strange surprises.

  • Kerama Blue: Tokashiki and Zamami Islands in Okinawa

    11 Mar 2021

    I can safely call the tiny island of Tokashiki as my happy place in Japan. When I say "tiny", I mean really tiny. You can walk between its main two centers, namely Aharen Beach and Tokashiki Beach in an hour.

Hikes in Japan

Daisetsuzan Hikes


Mt. Miyanoura


Karasawa Cirque


Yake Dake


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