This one goes out to the one I love: Lofoten Islands

You hurt the one you love most. We all do. I on this blog wrote about almost all of the regions that I have been to but never about the one I love the most – Lofoten Islands in Norway. I wrote about Lofoten`s lonesome brother Svalbard but somehow never about the first place which made me hopelessly fall in love with Scandinavia. I now kindly ask you to go on google and type Lofoten Islands and I guarantee you that you will immediately get the sense that it is among the top five most beautiful places that you have ever laid your eyes on. That`s what happened to me. I first traveled to Norway in 2009 and during the initial planing phase – my focus was on the famous Oslo-Bergen line only until I saw that first photo of Lofoten Islands. At the time – it felt more remote than anywhere else I had been to and gave me the occasionally emerging travel anxiety . I however still had to go there. No trip to Norway would be completed without traveling to Lofoten Islands located in the northern part of Norway. Getting to Lofoten Islands is not the most straight forward journey. During my first trip to the islands, I first flew to Oslo from where I took a flight to the lovely Norwegian town of Trondheim.  I then got on the night train to Bodo from where I took the short but the spectacular 28 minutes flight to Lofoten Islands.

Lofoten Islands from Above

During my second trip in 2014, I this time directly flew from Oslo to Bodo where I got on a ferry for a four hours sea trip to the islands. Ferries arrive at the beautiful Moskenes. Both were very pleasant journeys but I highly recommend the short flight to Lofoten Islands departing from Bodo – amazing aerial views! Wideroe is the only company operating on that route and you can get your seat for around Euro 50 if you purchase in advance. Trust me – the views are worth much more than Euro 50.

Eliassen Rorbuer

Lofoten Islands are quite big and you will get the most out of the islands if you rent a car. During both of my trips I had to rely on public transportation and it certainly comes with its own limitations. I stayed both in Svolvaer and the Moskenes area. Moskenes is the most photogenic region of the islands and there are number of rorbuer type (fisher cabins) accommodations – I can highly recommend Eliassen Rorbuer that I wrote about here. Svolvaer offers more classic hotel style accommodations as being the biggest town on the islands. While Svolvaer is not the most exciting town on the islands, the beautiful fishing village of Henningsvaer is definitely worth a trip (and it is relatively close to Svolvaer in Lofoten standards – 25 minutes drive).

Ruled by the Nature

Lofoten Islands holds a very special place in my heart – that is the first trip where I truly realized and felt deep inside that the mother nature will always be more influential than any human being can ever be on this Earth. Difficult to say that I am always at peace with my environment or with myself but it was an important step forward for me. You can check out some of my Norway photos in this gallery including many from Lofoten Islands.