Music and Travel: Think You Can Wait?

“What I’m thinking is simple I won’t make trouble I’ll pull the devil down with me one way or another.” What traveling alone for about ten years now thought me was to first meet my devils, then beat my devils and finally and hopefully learn to live with my devils. Although the National claims that they will pull the devils down, I am not sure if it is possible to permanently get rid of one`s own devils. However, Think You Can Wait is still my favorite the National song and according to the iTunes, that is the song that I listened to most while traveling during 2013.

My Almost Guilty Pleasures

Here is my top ten most listened to songs during my travel year of 2013 and the places I associate these songs with: #1 Think You Can Wait – the National – all the time but more intensely in Portugal #2 Ghosts That We Knew – Mumford and Sons – Venice, Italy (it still hurts to listen to this song) #3 The Distance – Conjure One – Iceland (not a place, a state of mind, a state of wonder) and my guilty pleasure Lana del Ray with Ride#4 The World – Jack White – China (silently rewarding, relentlessly commanding) #5 Devil`s Dance – Asaf Avidan – Nepal (that is how we used to give each other hope) #6 Heaven Faced – the National – Thailand (it was when their latest album came out) #7 Waiting Around to Die – the Be Good Tanyas – Canada (for the fans of Breaking Bad!) #8 When I Was a Young Girl – Feist – USA (well, I had my 32nd birthday there) #9 Make Believe – the Burned – France (one of my favorite songs for years now) #10 Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley – and as you may guess Society – Jerry Hannan (Eddie Vedder cover) – Alaska.