Lofoten Diaries: Winter Trip

Apr 2021

It is no secret that Norway is among my favorite countries and the winter is my favorite season. Couple of years ago I took a 10 days winter trip to Northern Norway starting with 3 days in Tromso with my friends followed by a full week in my beloved Lofoten Islands. Below is the diaries of my trip – the Lofoten Winter Diaries.

Svalbard: Travel to the Midnight Sun

Apr 2021

Interestingly - the first thing I ever heard about Svalbard many years ago was how mean all the people living there was and how much they hated the tourists. Really?

The Famous Red Cabin – Eliassen Rorbuer

Apr 2021

“Rorbuer” actually means a fisherman’s hut in Norwegian. There are still numerous rorbuers on the islands being used in accordance with their original purpose but the use of these cabins for tourism is also very common. My favourite one among all of those rorbuer facilities is Eliassen Rorbuer where I got to stay twice

Iceland: Not a Place, a State of Mind

Blue Lagoon - Iceland

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Northern Lights