Short Trip to Seoul

To be honest, I basically dragged myself out of Japan for a quick trip to Seoul, South Korea. I always wanted to explore the new wonder kid of Asia but the problem with me is that once I am in Japan, I rarely feel any urge to go anywhere else. I however this time had to since I was coming to the end of my three months free stay permit and had to get out of Japan and re-enter since my flight back to Istanbul is from Tokyo.  I came to Seoul expecting to see a little bit of the dynamism in China that I got to experience five years ago in Beijing.  However, I instead found a mixture of Vietnam and Thailand + skyscrapers. Strange? This is a very quick trip as I am heading back to Tokyo today so I should act reasonably and try not to form conclusive opinions about Seoul. In an inconclusive manner though, I can say that it is not a place for me. It feels like this giant city of concrete buildings everywhere, a lot of ongoing construction and there is no harmony. I am not looking for something very beautiful in the cities (knowing it rarely exists) but for a certain flow. I could not find that flow here in Seoul. I have to give it though, the night lighting is as impressive as any other Asian cities and you sure feel the atmosphere of those highly acclaimed Korean movies.

Very Quick Notes About Seoul

Some quick notes (that I originally drafted for instagram but then decided to post here as you know I am trying to focus more on here rather than social media): #1 I came here expecting to find China of five years ago but instead found a combination of Vietnam and Thailand with tall buildings spread around #2 They love Queen so much, few Korean people whom I met here told me that they saw Bohemian Rhapsody around 3-5 times, I love Queen so much but hated the movie when I saw it last week in Kanazawa #3 It is super expensive – don’t ever talk about how expensive Japan is! #4 Is it time for me to head back home after I could not get my eyes off the Turkish Airlines plane that my plane parked next to and Chrome started showing me these adds with Blue Mosque photos: “discover the beauties of Istanbul” #5 after Japan where credit card usage is so low, there are so many places in Seoul where you cant pay with cash (like Norway!).

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