Monthly Letters & Sunday Posts

While this website is the main platform I use to publish travel-related content, I have also been sending out newsletters since 2016 (two to three times a year), sharing travel updates and sometimes personal news in the form of a letter. As of late, I decided to follow a more regular letter schedule and commit to a monthly newsletter – “Letters from Japan.” I am using Substack, which provides a more fun newsletter experience than my previous service provider. I also use Susbtack to post shorter form Sunday updates from Japan (I do not email these short updates but just post on Substack). Sunday posts at Substack are the posts that I would typically be sharing on Instagram. But since Instagram became a short video platform, I have been using the app less and less. If you would like to subscribe, you can do so here: Letters from Japan.

Letters From Japan

Letters from Japan – November 2023

Reflection of green leaves in a temple in Kyoto

Letters from Japan – October 2023

Light shining on mountains in Milford Track

Letters from Japan – Spring 2023

Hotel Anteroom

Letters from Japan – Winter 2023

Letters from Japan – Summer 2022

Man looking out at valley in a mountain in Japan

Letters from Japan – Spring 2022

Snowy forest with onsen in Japan

Letters from Japan – Winter 2022

Alpine Flowers at Daisetsuzan National Park

Letters from Japan – Summer 2021

Tariyuji Temple Shikoku

Letters from Japan – Spring 2021

Shinjuku Gyoen Fall

Letters from Japan – Fall 2020

Mizumoto Park in Summer

Letters from Japan – Spring 2019

Bat Cave in Thailand

Letters from Japan – Fall 2018

Man pouring tea in a tea house in Nakasendo Japan

Letters from Japan – Winter 2018