The Hostels Making a Difference in Rural Japan

Note: Article written for and published on Gaijin Pot Blog.

For many of us familiar with the charm of rural Japan, there is a strong sense of missed opportunity. Despite the ongoing depopulation crisis and its economic impact, Japan’s countryside communities still have much to offer, especially to travelers not fixated on any “must-see” lists. But traveling in rural Japan can also be a challenging experience. Compared to the destinations along the country’s famous Golden Route (the popular route between Tokyo and Kyoto), the scarcity of tourist facilities in Japan’s rural parts test the skills of even the most seasoned travelers.

Luckily there are many young entrepreneurs who strongly share this sense of missed opportunity and these are the stories of those individuals who took a chance on small-town life and built—with their hostels – a bridge between the travel community and rural towns in Japan.

These are the stories of some of those individuals.

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