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I Don’t Like Airbnb

Nov 2019

I don’t like Airbnb. I would prefer staying at Hilton (even worse – probably even at Holiday Inn or Travelodge or Ibis) rather than staying at an Airbnb place. I prefer most of the hostels/hotels over an Airbnb apartment.

Autumn in Japan: Aoni Onsen in Aomori

Nov 2020

If it was not for the promise of surrounding fall colors and an onsen only lit up with oil lamps, I would not find my way to the wonderful Aoni Onsen in Aomori and finally connect with the onsen experience. Aoni Onsen was like a scene from one of the novels of Tanazaki with its very traditional feel with each guest perfectly playing the part.

Nobis Hotel: What Lies Beneath Its Cover

May 2017

The experience at Nobis Hotel can even be described as Stockholm in a nutshell - stylish decoration, good food, nice people and lively atmosphere.

I dont`like Airbnb

Favorite Hotels // I find hotels to be great sources of inspiration for some of my design choices at my own apartment. Here is a list of some of my favorite hotels.

Pension Hida no Mori


Winter Paradise // While deciding for my accommodation in Takayama, one of the reviews I came across said that if you are already checking out Pension Hida No Mori, look no further and resume your search right there. I can only conquer with this statement.

Anteroom Kyoto


Budget Option // While it cannot compete with hostel prices, Anteroom is a great option for solo travelers with its customized single room/single bed rates.

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