Stays in Japan
  • Shikoku Pilgrimage Accommodation

    01 Apr 2021

    The accommodation along Shikoku Pilgrimage Route is one of the most discussed topics in relation to this journey. Along the route, there are various types of accommodation including free temple (tsuyado) or locally funded accommodation (zenkonyado), paid temple accommodation (shukubo) and various other paid categories ranging from hostels to high end hotels.

  • Kochi no Ya: Great Town, Great Hostel Experience in Aki – Shikoku

    18 Mar 2021

    Kochi no Ya Hostel located in the central part of Aki in Kochi occupies a beautiful 80 years old traditional Japanese style home. It has everything you expect from a traditional home with beautiful sliding doors, tatami room sections, and a garden beautifully curated by the host. The moment you step in the hostel, you know that you are in the right place.

  • Ta Bi To Hostel in Fukue Island: Waking Up to the Smell of Freshly Baked Scones

    20 Mar 2022

    Fukue Island is the largest one of Goto Islands. There are many small towns along the beautiful coast of the island with many of them effortlessly qualifying as idyllic small fishing villages. Tomie is one of those towns that stands out with its beautiful Japanese style houses lined up next to each other in perfect harmony benefiting from the lack of any high buildings. Two of those houses are occupied by Te To Ba Cafe and the recently opened Ta Bi To Hostel run by the same owners.

Stays Around the World
  • I Don’t Like Airbnb, Now Off My Chest

    02 Apr 2021

    This may be my most controversial post up to date as I will declare something that will be despised by many independent travelers and which will turn me into a less cool person immediately: I don’t like Airbnb.

  • Nobis Hotel: What Lies Beneath Its Cover

    01 Apr 2021

    The experience at Nobis Hotel can even be described as Stockholm in a nutshell - stylish decoration, good food, nice people and lively atmosphere. Last but not the least, striking history linking to back story of the concept of Stockholm Syndrome.

  • Sofitel Legend Hanoi – Vietnam

    18 Dec 2016

    Sofitel Legend Hotel in Hanoi is home to a bomb shelter used during American war, which inspired a Joan Baez song - Where Are You Now My Son?