Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan: Aoni Onsen in Aomori

Nov 2020

If it was not for the promise of surrounding fall colors and an onsen only lit up with oil lamps, I would not find my way to the wonderful Aoni Onsen in Aomori and finally connect with the onsen experience. Aoni Onsen was like a scene from one of the novels of Tanazaki with its very traditional feel with each guest perfectly playing the part.

Autumn in Japan: Lake Towada and Oirase Stream

Oct 2020

Visiting Lake Towada has been on my list for some time as a fall outing but it was not until this year that I found the opportunity by timing it relatively right. Timing your trip for the peak fall colors is usually a difficult task.

Autumn in Japan: Nikko

Oct 2020

Even though we do not have to choose, I will get this out of the way right away. I would in any given year happily give up sakura season for an extended fall in Japan.

Books about Japan - Nakasendo tea house

Travel Movies // Travel movies have always been a great source for me both for my travels and my music preferences. Here is a list including some of the travel movies that I watch either when I am not on the road as much as I would like to be or to get myself in the mood before an upcoming trip.


Oak Alley Plantation

New Orleans // This is my second visit to New Orleans. My first trip was barely enough to introduce me to the better known side of New Orleans – the fun party town. I am this time determined to go deeper and dig into the history of this remarkable city.


Northern Lights

Tromso // …but what if we don`t see the northern lights? Anywhere in Scandinavia is still worth the trip, especially in winter.


Travels in Asia

Hokkaido Dreams


Winter Wonderland // Hokkaido – together with Iceland is among the most peaceful places I have ever been to in my life.




Land of Gods // Notes from a week long trip to Nepal. Land of gods and kind people.


Beijing: Silently Rewarding, Relentlessly Demanding


Beijing a decade ago // Notes from a trip to Beijing nearly a decade ago to meet the most dynamic, changing, crazy but at the same time serene city in the World.




Thai Islands // An early post from Thai islands, a country where I was fortunate to spend months at a later date. It is addictive – not only the cuisine but the easiness of it.