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by Bizarre Journeys

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Brush Stroke

Japan is re-opening its borders!

Japan is openings its borders on 11 October 2022 for independent tourism after a 2.5 years long break 

Brush Stroke

It is a great time to visit Japan as country became very affordable due to the weak Yen

Brush Stroke

Explore the alternative destinations in Japan and connect with its nature


Brush Stroke

Home to smoky mountains, Yakushima is one of the most rewarding hiking destinations in Japan.

Brush Stroke


Kanazawa is a great alternative to busier Tokyo and Kyoto for a city break.

Whereas Nikko, merely few hours away from Tokyo is the perfect fall destination.


For a winter wonderland, look no further than Tohoku where you can dip in an onsen surrounded by a unique winter scenery. It is also an autumn wonderland.